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Keaton will be in Los Angeles for AFM after winning the Pitch Conference for his feature, "Landers" and prepping a short film "Probe."



*WINNER of the AFM Pitch Conference w/ Cassian Elwes & Tobin Armbrust*

An original, off-kilter tale, 'Landers' follows seven misfits as they're chosen to be the first colonists on Mars and struggle with the consequences of leaving everything they know behind. 

In the near future – NASA builds an all-powerful Algorithm to select the colonists and opens the applications to the public. MILLIONS apply – but only seven are chosen. Among our misfit heroes is a social phobic, a teenager, a kindergarten teacher, a gardener, a disgraced astronaut, but most important isBEDE CARPENTER, a retired NASA engineer – who did not tell his wife that he applied.

The island of misfit toys is going to Mars! And they have no idea why the Algorithm picked them. But who cares? We all have big, embarrassing dreams but wouldn’t you give anything to go after them? What are you willing to risk for that chance?

One picked, they break the news to loved ones. - Train in Florida. And spend their last three months in an isolation simulator, where they realize, once they leave, nothing will ever be the same. Team members have to fight through the pains of DIVORCE, and DEATH, and grasps for their last shreds of humanity, and they realize why the Algorithm picked them in the first place. Because together they are the ideals we aspire to, they’re the best in us.

Think of your favorite rag-tag hero stories. Guardians of the Galaxy. – Armageddon – Oceans Eleven. But realize that the greatest adventure stories are about how the process changes you forever, long before the destination arrives. These people live out their last year on Earth in all its bending and breaking and for a brief moment at the end… blast off.

We all want to leave a legacy, to become heroes. This isn’t a story about 7 people going to mars. It’s about how following your dreams changes us into something more than people. Yes they put on helmets and suits, but they’re not astronauts. They’re Landers. And the question it leaves us with, is:

What is left after everything you know about yourself, is gone?

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