August 15th, 2016: Keaton joins his co-composer and trans music artist Joe Stevens and book writer Jay Paul Deratany as they develop a new musical, "The Transcivility of Albert Cashier" for the public at the Chicago Musical Theater Festival. 

ALBERT CASHIER follows the real-life figure Albert Cashier, who was assigned female at birth, and joined the Illinois Infantry for the Civil War as Albert. After the war he lived for 50 years, but was discovered, and sued by the US government for his back pension and forced to wear a dress, which he hadn't worn since childhood. The first day he put it on, he tripped over the hem and broke his neck. 


The workshop cast for all four staged readings included Syd Germaine, Delia Kropp, Avi Roque, Kevin Bishop, Warren Jackson, Howard Raik, Grayson Coleman Selby, and Rosalind Horwitz.

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