January 30th, 2019

Content creators Keaton Wooden and Dani Shay released their award-winning short film, “Shooting Star” on Dani Shay’s YouTube channel on January 30th. Co-written and directed by Wooden and Shay, the story is billed as “a modern mobile love story” that takes place 100% on smartphone screens, and is meant to be viewed vertically.

The drama follows Sarah (Cleo Kim; they/them) and Dani (Shay; they/he) who navigate a new polyamorous relationship via texts, calls, video chats, and social media apps, along with Sarah’s husband, Paul (Jared Winkler; he). The story was co-written and directed by Wooden and Shay.

“All the screen-only movies we’ve seen up to this point (such as “Searching” or “Unfriended”) have been thrillers that explore the creepier aspects of technology. We wanted to show the brighter side, so we made a romance. The story toggles between the two main characters’ phones, their lives, and perspectives.” says Wooden.

Shay says, “I was inspired to write the song “Shooting Star” with Reed, and then make the film with Keaton, because I fell in love with someone in a relationship. In today’s world, many of us are considering ethical non-monogamy as an option, but there’s still so much stigma. I hope to provoke more conversation with this project, while also featuring a queer relationship, to help normalize these things.”

Filming took place in Los Angeles and Chicago using only smartphones, with the help of Wooden’s wife, Abby Tohline Wooden, a mobile technology consultant. The resulting seven-minute short also serves as the release for Shay’s new single “Shooting Star.”  In December, 2018, “Shooting Star” was named Grand Jury Prize Winner for The Art Of Freelance Showcase in Los Angeles. “Shooting Star” also stars Cameron Armstrong, and features creative work by music producer Reed Vertelney.

Wooden and Shay are currently submitting the short to festivals, as well as content markets as part of an expanded concept for a “modern, mobile series” inspired by the lives of millennials that spend a third of their day on smartphones.


Dani Shay is a non-binary singer/songwriter, actor, and director, who was a finalist on “America’s Got Talent” and “The Glee Project,” and was recently nominated for a Jeff Award for their work in the award winning musical “The Civility of Albert Cashier” in Chicago and New York. Shay is represented by Brehan Fitzgerald (Brio Entertainment) and Alan Melina (Bump Into Genius).


Keaton Wooden is a Rhodes and Emmy nominated writer, composer, and director. He has won the AFM Pitch Conference, was a finalist for the London Film Awards for screenwriting, and recently won the Chicago Jeff Award for Best New Musical. Wooden is currently developing projects in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles for music, film, and tv.