Keaton Wooden is a Rhodes and Emmy nominated writer, composer, director, and producer best known for the award-winning musical The Civility of Albert Cashier.

In film and television, Wooden directed the Emmy-nominated PBS documentary Vibrations, which followed a performing arts troupe at the Indiana School for the Deaf. He won the AFM Pitch Conference for his sci-fi feature Landers and his pilot Red Line was a finalist for the London Film Awards & the NexTV Pilot competition. He also produced the Prism-Award winning film NightLights, which sold to the Lifetime Movie Network. Wooden also directed the award-winning new media short film "Shooting Star” with Dani Shay from America’s Got Talent.

In theater, Wooden and songwriting partner Coyote Joe Stevens composed for The Civility of Albert Cashier, which won the Chicago Jeff Award for best new musical and was hailed as “Musical genius at work.” Wooden was producer of the world-premiere Irvine Welsh’s adaptation of his hit film, Trainspotting USA, the Chicago remount of the Off-Broadway hit 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche with the Chicago Commercial Collective, and the world-premiere of Kristiana Rae Colon’s Good Friday.

A Rhodes Scholar nominee, Wooden is a graduate of Ball State University, and studied modern literature and critical theory with the Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford program at the University of Oxford England, . He has presented research on the entertainment industry and the humanities at the University of Oxford England, IFP Chicago, Kingston University, Wheatstone Academy, and the Screen Actors Guild. He also is a guest moderator and creative feedback consultant/instructor for the Screen Actors Guild in Chicago and IFP Chicago.

Upcoming projects include two new musicals, a modern small-town romance, Paper or Plastic, and Hills on Fire - an Appalachian ghost story about the opioid crisis, with Joe Stevens. The feature sci-fi adventure film Dark Star. And a new rom-com rebellion film co-written with his wife, Abby Tohline-Wooden, titled Take Back.

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