LVRS to Sitges International Film Fest

Emily Bennett writes, directs, and stars in LVRS, the horror magical realism short film about abuse. Produced by Keaton Wooden, LVRS travels to Sitges, Spain on October 4th to compete in the Academy Award-qualifying festival.

In a statement, Bennett said, “What does LVRS mean? The simple answer: It’s the word “Lovers” with the vowels taken out. Why spell it that way? Because this film is about abuse. And in abusive relationships, one partner tends to take things away from the other. I wanted the title to reflect that sense of loss. This film is a personal exploration of a very difficult subject. I’ve used surreal, dream-like imagery to get straight to the heart of what abuse feels like. If these images can stay in a woman’s mind, maybe she’ll know abuse if it happens to her. And if she can recognize it, maybe she can walk away from it.”

LVRS will have its European-premiere at the Sitges International Film Festival in Spain, October 4th. Sitges is a world-renowned film festival, known as the premiere festival for horror and fantasy films. LVRS will be in competition for the Academy Award-qualifying prize of best short film, among others.

Producer Keaton Wooden and Emily Bennett will travel to Spain for the premiere.

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